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Mobile loading ramps are movable cargo loading/unloading auxiliary equipment used along with forklifts. They are easy to move around and quick to set-up. One person can easily handle it. You can enjoy safe and fast loading and unloading of goods from containers or trailers.


  1. Special auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading of goods rapidly.
  2. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor jobs.
  3. Could be operated by a single person easily, so it economizes on manpower and improves work efficiency.
  4. Don’t need to remove the container from the vehicle, and the forklift can directly enter the container to carry the goods.
  5. Long service life.
  6. Easily to be moved to other place with trailing device and solid tires.
  7. Both Manual and electric operation power available for choose
  8. Suitable for: forklifts, logistics terminals, factories, containers, trucks loading and unloading.

Product details:


Legs for supporting the ramp safety.
It can hold 50 ton. Making the ramp more stabilize when the dock ramp is not working.


Truss structure of the ramp body and guard rail can disperse the pressure from the loading stuff. Making the ramp stronger.


It’s one hydraulic pump handle, to adjust height of loading ramp. One worker can use it to lift up the ramp to the bottom


MORN container loading ramp can be adjusted by electric power such as AC or DC. Save time and convenience.


To stabilize the wheels while ramp working. Guarantee forklift and worker move safely on ramp.


The hook joints crane and ramp when using crane to move ramp.


It has a strong support for the ramp body. And the big solid tire make the moving faster.


It joints truck or trailer to move ramp to different work places. Moving more convenient and flexible.

Safety and Convenient Designs

    1. Safety Measurement
      • Anti-skid steel grid mesh

    5mm thickness steel anti-skid platform. It is anti-skid to protect the forklift from slipping when it rain

    • Solid tire

    Solid tire has longer service life than regular inflated tires. It improves service life of the mobile dock ramp.

    • Support leg

    50T grade Turbine leg for supporting to keep safety.

    • Guardrail

    Guardrail on platform protects the forklift from running out. And also it reduces stress to the platform to extend service life of mobile dock ramp.

    • Wheel block

    It fixes the wheel to prevent the wheel from moving when it works. It keeps stability when loading.

    • Emergency drop value

    You can decline this lift by the emergency drop valve in the process of rising. It helps to return to the lowest height condition to save place when you don’t use it.

    • Polishing rusting and spraying plastic

    The surface of ramp is smoother after polishing rusting. Spraying plastic makes the ramp has good corrosion resistance, also it is an environmental protection process.


    1. Convenient design for you
      • Designed to three-section (Optional)

    The ramp also can be designed to three-section. It’s convenient to transport. The three-section lift will be put in one smaller container to save the freight cost for you.

    • Leading board

    It is easy for the forklift to run up to the platform with the leading board.

MORN Brand

Jinan Sinicmech Machinery (MORN GROUP LIMITED) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that produces hydraulic lift platforms and is also the biggest producer of aerial work platforms, hydraulic scissor lifts, boom lifts, and dock levelers.

MORN LIFT abides by the motto, “Safety, service, integrity, and efficiency” since it was founded in 2007. We manufacture products strictly according to the People’s Republic of China Machinery Industry standards and CE standards, keep improving product quality and launch new products to satisfy market growth and respond to customer’s feedback.


MDR-6 6 1.1-1.7M ≤13° 11.2*2*1.1m Manual or electric drive
MDR-8 8 1.1-1.7M ≤13° 11.2*2*1.1m Manual or electric drive
MDR-10 10 1.1-1.7M ≤13° 11.2*2*1.1m Manual or electric drive
MDR-12 12 1.1-1.7M ≤13° 11.2*2*1.1m Manual or electric drive
MDR-15 15 1.1-1.7M ≤13° 11.2*2*1.1m Manual or electric drive

Our Testing Services

Our ISO 17025 Accredited Test Laboratory is equipped with the most advanced equipment and devices, including a latest generation anechoic chamber for EMC testing. Which are:

  1. Electromagnetic Compatibility
  2. Electrical Safety
  3. IP Test
  4. Mechanical stability
  5. Vibrations
  6. ISO 14120 – Impact test on guards
  7. IEC/EN-60601 – Electromedical Devices
  8. Performance measurement
  9. Debug activity
  10. Research & Development

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