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Height Adjustable Desk

TiMOTION is proud to offer a wide range of height adjustable desk frame solutions to fit the unique needs of global manufacturers.

TiMOTION cares about workplace safety, so we have developed t-touch to help minimize the risk of damage to an electric sit-stand desk or the user if the desk accidentally collides with obstacles during operation.

Our frame kit solutions are available in multiple colors, sizes, and configurations. These frame kits typically include electric lifting columns, framing, and a fully functional control system.

Height Adjustable Desk (Timotion Tek Series)

TiMOTION TEK Series - Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk Frame Kits

TiMOTION T-TOUCH - Greatest Anti-collision Solution for Height Adjustable Desk Application

TiMOTION Inline Lifting Column Series

Other great options included with most of our TEK frame kits are:

1. Easy assembly with recyclable packaging

2. High strength and stability

3. Low noise ratings

4. Built-in safety features

5. Constant smooth movement with soft start/stop

6. Low standby power

7. Multiple control options with memory functionality

8. Plug and play controls and accessories

Tailored Solutions for Your Customers’s Needs

Most of the electric height adjustable workstation kits we create are designed as pre-assembled desk frames to help reduce installation requirements. All necessary components are provided within each kit – including the electric lifting columns, controls, control boxes and software, wiring and assembly hardware. TEK frame kits are available in multiple colors with different styles of columns and optional accessories to enhance the end user’s experience.

One special feature is the modular, add on kit which allows you to convert your desk into a different configuration. Utilizing one of these add on kits, one may change their desk from a standard rectangular, two leg desk frame into a frame suitable for a three leg L-shaped tabletop, 120° degree work surface or a large meeting table.


TiMOTION has earned a strong reputation for providing high-quality linear actuators for the healthcare, furniture and industrial industries. We emphasize quality and customization, putting our manufacturing, industry and consumer clients in control over the end product. TiMOTION is vertically integrated, which means we have the capabilities to fully customize products under the strictest quality standards, compared with other distributors that are limited to standard, non-customizable models. Our vertical integration also means we can be more cost efficient, so you receive high-quality products at prices that are comparatively less expensive than industry standards.

Manufacturers need a trusted business partner to supply the highest quality components, and TiMOTION consistently meets that need for businesses throughout the world. Ours is a highly specialized field and requires close collaboration with each individual customer. Our team understands your unique challenges and has the experience and breadth of knowledge to help you find the right solution. TiMOTION operates under a business model that allows us to give you completely customizable options. As a vertically integrated business, we effectively bring you the most competitive prices in this business under the highest standards of quality, whereas our competitors have limited design and product integration options.

Stand Up and Live

Recent studies have shown that height adjustable work surfaces have significant physical and mental advantages as opposed to traditional, stationary workstations. Standing at work helps to burn more calories, improves blood circulation, reduces muscle stress, sharpens concentration skills and significantly improves productivity overall.

Employers are beginning to see the benefits of adjustable desks and are starting to support their employees’ health and wellness by offering these height adjustable workstations.  The benefits of these sit-stand desks not only impact the individual employee, but also the overall employer.  Companies typically notice an increase in employee health through a reduced number of sick days and medical insurance claims.  These companies are now beginning to think of these electrically adjustable desks as positive investments due to reducing the financial obligations related to employee wellness. Additionally, because increased amounts of standing throughout a work day can increase concentration and productivity, projects can be completed quickly and efficiently.

In recent years, legislative requirements and employee needs have significantly increased the global demand for height adjustable desk solutions. Initially these requests were satisfied by underwhelming solutions which may have been too expensive, aesthetically displeasing or noisy.

During this period of time, TiMOTION began developing solutions to answer the growing needs for home, office and industrial ergonomics. In 2013, we debuted our new TEK line of electric height adjustable desk frame kits. Since then, our product line of adjustable desk kits and accessories has grown and expanded, offering a large selection of ergonomic furniture solutions for you to choose from.

Special Features

Partnering with the leading ergonomic furniture manufacturers worldwide, we understand the need for constant innovation. In addition to providing reliable electric linear actuators and control systems, TiMOTION strives to develop extra add-on features and accessories to enrich your user experience.

In addition to the convenience of ergonomic furniture, t-touch technology provides enhanced safety features to prevent user injury and equipment damage. To reduce the amount of cables surrounding the workstation, we also offer wireless chargers and cable management solutions. The Bluetooth mobile application is an alternative way to personalize the user’s desk controls, and convertible covers give your interior designer new elements to inspire a unique workspace.

TiMOTION is proud to offer continually develop new features and innovations in the future; we strive to continuously offer the most customizable height adjustable solutions to fit all of your needs.

More than just a single product, we provide you with a total solution.

Anti-Collision Sensor

Anti-Collision Sensor

T-touch (TCS1 series) is a new anti-collision solution that TiMOTION developed to enhance workplace safety while still enjoying the comfort brought by height adjustable desks. When the sensor is alerted to objects in the way during operation, it will immediately stop operating in order to prevent collision and harm to the user or desk.

Mobile App

Mobile App

The App, STAND UP PLS, provides a smarter and easier way to adjust your ergonomic desks. It allows you to control the height adjustable desks from your mobile devices via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Dongle

Bluetooth Dongle

The Bluetooth dongle, TWD1, enables wireless control of height adjustable desks on the mobile device via the STAND UP PLS App.

Convertible Covers

Convertible Covers

Convertible covers are a new concept to decorate your workstation. Adding these convertible covers to your sit-stand desk will make the office aesthetics lively and colorful.

0.1W Standby Power

0.1W Standby Power

Working ergonomically should not only be healthy for the user but also for the environment. While 0.1W standby power is our standard output when the desks are not in use.

USB Chargers

USB Chargers

Integrated USB chargers make charging your devices at work so easy. You no longer need to seek out cords and outlets for your phone or tablet, they are already equipped with your desk!

Wireless Chargers

Wireless Chargers

Simply place your phone at the designated location on your tabletop and it charges itself. No more messy cables!

Cable Management Solutions

Cable Management Solutions

To reduce the clutter of messy cables surrounding the desk, our cable management systems can be added to your workstation set-up.

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